Monday, March 19, 2007

It has been a while since I have been able to post--I'm too busy puppy training and working, working, working. I spent a lovely weekend at the Driving Forum, a conference and trade show for the carriage driving enthusiasts. It was a pleasant weekend and a lovely group of people to meet. Of course, I came home from this show wanting to drive. Same thing happened last year, but the farthest I've gotten is to put some long-lines on my horse and start ground-driving her. It's a good way to exercise both of us at the same time! However the horse hasn't seen any long-lines since earlier in January, just before we acquired the puppy, which happened to coincide with the weather taking a wintry turn. Since then, the yard has been covered with packed ice--it did finally mostly melt last week just in time to get another load of sleet dumped on it.
Our trails are inaccessible. And if I might just take the opportunity to vent--I am sick of boots, hats, gloves, and heavy sweaters.
Thank-goodness there is basketball to keep us entertained during these gloomy late winter days.
As for painting--the canvas is calling me, but I cannot answer it just yet. I am tied up with illustration work for the next few weeks. And birthdays, and appointments, etc... Can't we just add an eighth day to the week?