Friday, November 23, 2007

Halter Class
linoleum block print
6 x 8 in.

I have finished the linoleum block print, and I'm looking forward to doing more of these. This one had five colors that had to match up, and I'm pleased that I was able to register the colors successfully. The neat thing about these block prints is that each one is slightly different in the edition of 15. I started out with an edition of 16, but forgot one print when I was printing the brown, and I had already cleaned up the ink when I realized it.

This weekend is my open studio, and I've spent the day frantically cleaning and organizing the studio. Anyone in the area is welcome to stop by. I have lots of work on view, having just gotten a load of work back from a gallery on Martha's Vineyard. It's kind of fun arranging everything and making labels. There are original paintings, prints, cards, rubber stamps, and posters--something for everyone.

Last weekend was spent on a much needed getaway in Vermont. Woodstock, to be exact. We explored Quechee Gorge and some of the surrounding area, and even though the foliage is gone, it was a beautiful sunny weekend to roam around. There were no tourist crowds, being between the foliage and the ski seasons. We visited Billings Farm, a restored dairy farm with an 1890's farm manager's house and a herd of beautiful Jersey cows. We rode around the farm in a wagon pulled by two dappled grey Percherons.