Monday, June 02, 2008

Finished Mural Panel

I am calling this mural panel finished, and after a bit more drying time, I'll ship it off to Mural Mosaics. Now, I'm awaiting my second panel in the mail! I was honored to be chosen for a second panel, and I'm interested to see what will develop on with a completely different set of colors and shapes.

Other excitement on the farm is the addition of a new horse in our barn. We have a new boarder in residence--"Star", a lovely and sweet 25 year old Standardbred. Star arrived yesterday, and was carefully and slowly introduced to Keeper and Niqui, and the whole thing turned out blissfully uneventful. We stood and watched the three of them when they were first turned out in the paddock together, and it was about as exciting as watching grass grow. They walked around each other, sniffed a bit, ate at separate piles of hay, and after maybe two squeals and one little warning that wouldn't even qualify as a kick, the three chestnuts settled down as if they'd known each other forever. Apparently at 25, 25 and 20, these three are too old to engage in youthful shenanigans, and took a mature approach to the relationship.

The month of June here is really a bit like paradise. The lawn is lush and green, the irises are blooming (the ones that Cheerio hasn't trampled) and the bird population has exploded. I was able to add to my bird list recently with the sightings of a red-chested grosbeak, a scarlet tanager, and a pair of orioles. I came upon what I think was a baby female oriole perched in a tree, just starting to fly, and probably resting from the ordeal. My husband was chased by a ruffed grouse while mowing the lawn on the riding mower!

The lettuce is coming along nicely, the pea vines are starting to flower, and the beans have popped out of the ground. All is right with the world!