Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Afternoon

As I sit in my studio wishing for a snow day tomorrow (and all reports seem to indicate that it will come to pass), I am also in the process of organizing, sorting and purging computer files. This involves sorting scans of all my artwork into folders, deleting duplicates, and archiving certain files. It is only in the last five years or so that I created the system I have now, so there are an assortment of miscellaneous digital files of artwork that are uncategorized simply because they are a few years older. The library worker in me is driven nuts by the disorder, and so I am trying to neatly compartmentalize all of it. This was all brought on by the necessity of having to clear some space on my hard drive.
In the process, I encountered this painting, a 1997 oil on canvas titled "Winter Afternoon". I still have this piece in my possession, and it has been in storage for a while. This was a gelding that was boarded at a place I used to keep my mare. He was a very handsome Morgan, a dark seal brown with a gloriously long mane, which you can't see in the painting because it hung on the other side of his neck.
I would like to see this painting go to a new home, so I offer it for sale, unframed for $400. To purchase this painting, go to http://www.aleciaunderhill.com/small11.htm