Monday, August 01, 2011

Objects of Beauty

Sage is a beautiful German Shepherd dog, recently completed on commission. It was a challenge to capture the right look of this dog, a serious, contemplative look, without being too intense. Her owner has such intimate knowledge of her expressions, and was specific about what sort of look he wanted in the portrait.

A dog portrait can take on many moods--playful, serious, goofy, noble. It all depends on the dog and the owner's relationship with the dog.

My post title, Objects of Beauty, perhaps should not pertain to a dog, if you are offended about a dog being considered an object. However, even human beings are often considered objects of beauty, so I meant it as merely being the subject of a beautiful painting, and it was inspired by the title of the latest audiobook to which I am listening in the studio...Steve Martin's "An Object of Beauty".

I highly recommend this book as a dead-on depiction of the Art world, with a capital A.