Thursday, December 01, 2005

My second official day for this blog.
I am soooo behind on my Christmas card this year. Christmas cards are a pretty important part of the season for me. It's my way of staying in touch with family and friends who I have known over the years and saying, "Hey, I remember you, and I'm still thinking of you." I don't do the traditional newsletter, but have on occasion incorporated family news into the card. I hate it when I lose track of someone. People move and not everybody sends cards, and occasionally I lose someone from my list that I held dear. So if you are one of those people out there, just drop me a line or an e-mail, please. I used to draw my Christmas card every year, but since we've had a child, it's usally a photo of my son or all of us. Because those kinds of cards are the ones I love to get. It's so fun to see everyone's kids grow over the years. I save all the photo cards and the handmade cards. The "art cards" go into a special box, and the photo cards go into a huge 3-ring binder album. Anyway, I have a schedule for doing my Christmas cards, which I usually manage to stick to--I have to come up with the concept by Halloween, have the drawing part or the design done by Veteran's Day, and have it printed or reproduced by Thanksgiving. That gives me plenty of time to assemble, address, stamp and mail.
I confess, this year, I am wayyy behind deadline. I just put the photo image on CD to send to the lab. That gives me about a week to finish the rest of the card. So folks won't be getting ours quite so early this year, but I think I'll make the Christmas deadline. I hate to be so last minute. But on the flip side--most of my shopping is done, so maybe I'm just doing things in reverse this year.

P.S.--I was right--my mare is not in foal. The results did not surprise me. So now we can move on and figure out what other animals we might add to this little farm. Goats, anyone??