Thursday, July 27, 2006

It has been such a busy summer for me, with a show on Martha's Vineyard, two invitational group shows coming up in Sept and Oct. and all of the family activities that go along with having a 6-year old out of school and needing something to do.
I have had three or four paintings in progress, some since early May. Last year I was at a local horse show, and photographed some hunter ponies lined up in the ring, with young riders in their hunt coats and velvet caps, fluffy white saddle pads, and shining boots. The painting has been in my head for some time, and I finally purchased a long thin, 11 x 39 in. canvas on which to do it. So I have seven ponies and six young riders, all in a line (The seventh pony is just poking his head in from the side.) Well, it means painting six hunt jackets, twenty four legs and hooves, well, you can do the math. It's taking the time that seven small paintings would take me, and yet it seems to be living up to my vision. Hopefully I can post an image of the finished product by October.

Recently, I also had the opportunity to photograph some Fresians, which of course led to another painting. This one came quickly off the brush, as some of them do, and I will soon post that one as well.
Another piece that went quickly is this small (11 x 14) study of my mare dozing in the sun. I loved the way the light flowed over her rounded body...she is all curves, reminding me of the reclining women painted by Rubens and Ingres, and other masters. I almost called it "Odalisque" but settled on "Repose" for the title.
And I also have a large head study of a hunter drying on the easel. That one has been in progress since early May and thought the subject matter is simple, the bridlework and shadows made for some very fussy work, and it took longer to complete. Most of these are gallery-wrapped canvas, my painting surface of choice lately. At first because I figured I didn't have to frame them, but now that I have done several, I have been putting them in canvas floater frames, and finding that they can have a contemporary look and still have the protection of a frame.

I mentioned two shows coming up in the fall--one is to benefit Greener Pastures Rescue, and Connecticut horse rescue organization, and will be on display at Stonington Vineyards, Stonington, Connecticut during September, and the second show is called "Driven", to take place at the Skyline Farm Carriage Museum in North Yarmouth, Maine. That show will open in October.