Monday, August 21, 2006

As summer winds down, the show schedule is gearing up, and I have found myself in need of some organization so that I know where everything is going, the sizes, prices, etc... So I cleared my bulletin board of clutter, and have posted lists of paintings that are in or going to six different shows/galleries. Sort of like those boards in the ER where the patients are listed. Keeping track of shipping and drop-off dates, opening reception dates, and the like is giving me a massive headache. Oh, well, if you don't put the stuff out there, you can't expect to sell it, so out it goes. As I may have mentioned in an earlier post, I have become an expert box engineer. I ordered a case of cardboard pads from a shipping supply catalog. They're basically just flat sheets of cardboard, big enough for most of my larger pieces, if I make two-piece boxes. For smaller pieces, I make a "pizza box" to directly fit the painting, then if I am shipping it, I wrap the small box in bubble wrap, and make a larger box to fit the wrapped box. I finally invested in a good hand-held clear packaging tape dispenser. Like my Logan mat cutter, I wonder how I've done without it for so long. Making my own boxes is a huge money-savings--and since many of my pieces are an odd long or narrow format, I could never find pre-made boxes to fit them anyway.

On another subject entirely...a family camping trip this summer yielded a great unexpected photo opportunity. A big horse show was being held within a mile of the state park where we camped, and I was able to go on the afternoon of the big grand prix. It was fun to try out the digital camera on the jumpers, but even with the continuous shooting mode, I still found it difficult to get the perfect jump pose captured in a shot. I came away with plenty of painting inspiration anyway, and I'm currently working on some watercolors of irresistable little girls on ponies.

For now, I'll post the image of this black Friesian mare and her foal.